Bring back up to 35% of lost activations at the checkout page

SmartShopping integrates into your shopping browser extension and mobile app, creating a better shopping experience that converts your customers at checkout.
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Integrate SmartShopping and get 10x the value you would get from a custom solution

Up to 35% of affiliate commissions are lost on the checkout page right before purchase. Shoppers put off their carts until later or try to apply third-party coupons - activation sessions expire, and affiliate companies lose their commissions without even noticing.

An estimated period for developing a custom solution that would address all these issues is approximately 3 months.

SmartShopping is a subscription-based SDK that integrates into your existing shopping app and brings in all the features to gently escort users from the purchase intent to the deal closure.

Increase conversions and drive engagement with advanced functionality

Delight your customers

Coupon auto apply

Release shoppers from the need to search the internet for promo codes. Supply your own coupons from affiliates and automatically apply the best coupon code at checkout, providing added value to your customers every time.

Access smart automation

Double-dipping protection

Detect when a third-party coupon code is entered and notify your users about potential miss on activation. On top of that, fetch those entered coupons and add them to your database.

No more lost opportunities

Notifications at checkout

Confirm activations when shoppers are ready to buy. Always know when your affiliate session expires and warn shoppers to refresh offers before proceeding to payment.

Looking for better insights?
SmartShopping integration comes with a built-in analytics dashboard that allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your coupon campaigns, detect and fix traffic leaks, deliver a seamless user experience and secure new partnership opportunities.
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Ongoing technical support to ensure your extension runs smoothly
Daily updates to ensure your extension works on merchant checkout pages
Supporting over 2,000 merchant sites and counting

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“They provided us with the tools to create a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back time and time again.”

Andrew Clake, Founder

“The team has proven to be a more than competent and reliable partner for our ongoing endeavour.”

Lee Donohue, Product Manager

“They helped us build our browser extension MVP. Also they delivered results on time and were efficient and effective.”

Dan DiSalvio, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartShopping?

SmartShopping is a SaaS SDK solution that integrates seamlessly into your shopping browser extension and mobile app, adding advanced functionality that is costly and time-consuming to develop and support in-house. It helps small and medium-sized cashback/coupon companies to bring back up to 35% of lost activations at checkout and compete with the biggest players in the market.

What specific features does SmartShopping offer?

SmartShopping integrates into your existing shopping extension and mobile app within just 2 days and offers features that help you take over the very last step before the purchase and promptly fix conversion leaks.

  • Coupon auto-apply

    Automatically applies coupon codes from 2000+ merchants at the checkout on behalf of shoppers.

  • Double-dipping protection

    Warns shoppers about potential miss on activation if they apply third-party coupons within your affiliate session.

  • Checkout detection

    Confirms activations and prompts shoppers to reactivate offers before proceeding to payment.

  • Cart total

    Detects the sum of the cart and shows shoppers their profit in terms of real money, not abstract percentages.

What are the advantages of SmartShopping?

Being in the industry for more than 12 years and providing custom solutions for top cashback companies, we have absorbed the industry's best practices and turned them into a SaaS solution that provides 10x the value a company would get from custom development. SmartShopping helps you:

  • Cut development costs on the initial implementation of advanced shopping extension functionality. An estimated period for developing a custom solution from scratch is approximately 3 months. Imagine the costs of maintaining an in-house development team. With SmartShopping, it takes just 2 weeks to create the branded UI, and the actual integration into your browser extension or mobile application is completed within 2 days.

  • Cut maintenance costs associated with supporting frequent changes on merchant checkout pages. With SmartShopping integration, you get a full base of 2000+ stores constantly monitored and updated to ensure that your coupon auto-apply and cashback activation notifications remain fully functional and optimized, even as stores change their checkout pages daily.

  • Lower the burden on your support team. With SmartShopping features, you can improve the user experience on the whole customer journey and drastically lower the number of unsatisfied customer requests. Help your Support Team to focus on resolving truly significant tickets.

  • Protect your activations and prevent traffic leaks. By integrating SmartShopping features like automatic coupon application, real-time cashback activation alerts during checkout, and safeguarding against double-dipping, you can fill gaps in your users’ shopping journey and bring back up to 35% of lost activations.

  • Monitor and improve your shopping app performance with an advanced analytics dashboard. Our advanced analytics dashboard not only reflects your shopping app’s performance but also gives you powerful insights on how to improve your conversion pipeline and pursue exclusive partnership opportunities.

What do I need to start?

SmartShopping is only 10 lines of code that you can easily integrate into your existing browser extension. All you need to do is:

  • Choose the features plan that aligns best with your business goals
  • Get your API key
  • Integrate SmartShopping logic into your browser extension in a couple of days
  • Customize the standard UI with your branding and release your enhanced shopping app

    Bonus step: See your conversions increase without allocating extensive development and maintenance resources
Can I test SmartShopping features?

Yes! You can explore and try out all the features of SmartShopping through our demo extension. Simply get in touch with us to gain access and start testing.

Can I still benefit from SmartShopping if my cashback company doesn't have its own shopping extension?

Our team at Cupcake Development, which powers SmartShopping, has extensive experience in the custom development of shopping browser extensions and mobile apps. We can work closely with you to create a tailored shopping extension for your company. With our expertise, you'll be able to offer a more streamlined and efficient shopping solution while maximizing the advantages of SmartShopping. To learn more about our custom development services visit

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